WSEU Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club
January 18, 2019

Scorekeepers Instructions

Instructions for Online Scoring
Games can only be scored by a coach or manager who is named on the official approved roster of a team.

Please read all these instructions through prior to scoring games for the first time.  It will help you!

STEP 1: Print/Read the instructions on this page.
STEP 2: After you print/read these instructions, go to the club login list.

What do you need to score games?
- a computer with an internet connection
- a valid email address

 Important notes about online scoring
- The League Administrator can always delete Team Officials that have been assigned to score games
- Team Officials cannot score games that are in the future
- Team Officials can only score a game once and cannot make edits
- League administrators can override any scoring that is completed by team officials

 A) Set up your Members Area login
1. Click on the Members button, and go to the "club login list".
2. Click on Member Area Login for your community league or club
3. Click on Setup Login (the last button)
4. Enter the requested information.  A password will be emailed to you at this point
5. Click on Member Login
6. Login to the Members Area for your club

B) Scoring games
1. In the Members Area, click on the Game Official link from the left-hand menu.  If you do not see the Game Official link, double check that you have completed all parts of step B and try logging out, refreshing your browser and logging back in.
2. Click on Score Games
3. Select the game that you would like to score
4. Enter the Score, press Submit 
5. All games have a maximum recordable Five (5) goal difference. For example, if your team won 8 - 2, a six goal difference, record the game with a score of 7 - 2.

NOTE: Do not check the default box if the game was played.

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